Who are we?

A small family-run company based in Manchester, United Kingdom.


The story of QRID

The inspiration for the product came straight from our hearts. Our little girl once lost a teddy bear that she considered to be irreplaceable, and whilst we tried to buy an exact replica, it was never the same. She remained so upset and felt like she’d lost a friend, as kids do with their toys.

Luckily, on this occasion our story had a happy ending. The teddy was eventually found by carefully retracing our steps and finding the teddy placed carefully on a post for us to recover. Our daughters face lit up and it was clear to see just how happy she was to be reunited with her teddy friend. From then, she asked us to put her name and address on Bun the teddy, so she could make her own way home next time she gets lost, and that moment is what inspired us.

We started to consider all the other lost teddies, clothing, gadgets and keys that get lost day in and day out. The chances of these items finding their way back is undeniably slim, without realising very quickly that they’re gone. Not because they’re stolen or kept, but a good Samaritans work of finding the item is sadly wasted when they can’t trace the owner.


Research & Development

Our first trial was applying unique QR code to care labels that simply provided the finder with a phone number to call if found. However, very quickly we discovered that to produce these individual codes was both time consuming and in-efficient cost wise. This highlighted the need for a new technology that would allow us to manufacture various unique QR Codes that could be registered simply and quickly to reduce the cost of production.


QRID Today

Research into various printing methods and potential applications for other products began and whilst the technology we ultimately devised is similar, the products and applications it results in is constantly evolving.

Whilst QRID relies on the honesty of people, any lost teddy bear with the label applied can now be a found teddy bear. Getting something of such value back would have saved our daughter so much upset for so long, so whether it’s a mobile phone, pet collar or business bag, if it’s valuable to you then it needs a QRID!