QRIDs for Commercial & Business Use

Your unique QRID can be supplied in quantities from 100 to the several thousands! We supply the QRIDs in several formats; adhesive, care label or licensed per month.


Why bulk purchase QRIDs?

Bulk purchase simply means benefiting from a lower price per label by creating the same unique QRIDs you need (care label or adhesive) for the number of items you need it for. For example, we may supply 1000 adhesive QRIDs for businesses tech e.g. mobiles or laptops, or perhaps 5000 care labels for a hotel chains laundry. These are then priced individually according to the quantity – the more ordered the lower the price!



What’s the benefit of licensing?

Licensing a QRID means you’ll benefit from an unlimited number of QRID codes in order to reproduce exactly what you need, whether it’s adhesives, care labels or cards. There’s an initial setup of £75.00, then just your fixed monthly charge no matter if the QRIDS hold unique or identical codes. You can then produce your own QRIDs and apply them in any way you see fit.



How do they fit in to my business?

Quite simply, QRIDs can be used for anything, anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s for company asset management such as laptops and phones, or tracking keys, I.D. cards and transponders, there’s a QRID to suit.


Popular uses:

  • Asset management e.g. mobile phones, tablets & laptops
  • Tracking dongles & keys
  • ID cards and entrance cards
  • Towels and laundry
  • Staff uniform
  • Cleaning products
  • Folders & filing
  • Office furniture
  • Company credit cards
  • T. equipment
  • Tools & laboring equipment
  • Motorcycle helmets & accessories
  • Musical instruments
  • Gym & exercise equipment
  • Classroom equipment
  • Vetinary equipment
  • GP practices & hospitals
  • Event management


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