Our Smart Luggage Tags have been designed in association with ‘I Love Manchester’ who receive proceeds from the sale of each I Love MCR Smart Luggage Tag.

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What is a QRID Smart Tag?

Small recovery tags for the things that matter.

Be it a phone, teddy bear, key, pet collar or handbag there’s a QRID Smart Tag solution. Simply stick or sew your item with a QRID Smart Tag and should it be lost, the finder can scan the code and contact you to arrange a return. Whilst we offer several different types of QRID Smart Tags to suit different items and materials, there’s one very simple thing that they all have in common – the ability to hold the same unique code. No matter which QRID Smart Tag you have or how many, they all hold that one code exclusive to you.

No Sweat

With your own QRID Smart Tag, there’s no element of doubt in a finders of mind of where to return the asset. We understand the stress and upset losing something can cause, so we make it as simple as possible to identify the owner. With added ability to list family as additional contacts, you can rely on QRID to get your items home to you.

How does it work?

There’s no frustration quite like getting a new gadget and finding it needs batteries or further set –up right? QRID Smart Tags couldn’t be easier! Each individual pack has an exclusive QR Code applied. Simply scan, register and enter your contact details to be used in the event of a loss. The whole pack will then be registered to those details set up on just one QRID. With no batteries, moving parts or apps to download you’ll be set up in minutes.

Discreet & Secure

We understand the importance of your items looking good, that’s why QRID’s have been carefully designed to ensure they are both discreet yet inviting. Offering a simple ‘if found please scan’ message, QRID instructs finders with exactly what to do and, when scanned, provides your SMS or email contact details to start the return journey.

Making sure things remain secure, QRID never stores any other of your personal details and cannot request personal or location information from the finder.




With so many valuables for so many different types of people, we recognised early on that there could never be just one QRID Smart Tag for everyone. Instead, we developed several alternative versions, ensuring there’s always a QRID solution for your requirement – key tags, luggage tags, adhesives and fabrics.

You’ll never have to worry about changing your QRID Smart Tag, as rigorous testing has guaranteed each one for the lifetime of any asset, but should you want too, they’re easily transferable.


QRID Smart Tags come in various packs from 1-50+ with a mixture all available for very little expense. Should you decide later you require additional QRIDs on the same registration, this is available on request!

There are no ongoing costs of batteries, maintenance or subscription fees, and we even promise to replace any QRIDs that may not be up to scratch after postage for free.